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Eunice Community Calendar Howto

Are you ready to add your event or sales promotion? First of all, you MUST be a Eunice Chamber of Commerce Member. (If you are not a member and would like to join the Chamber, please click here and fill out the application.) Once your event is submitted, it will generally take 1-2 business days for approval and to appear on the calendar.

1. In the middle of the page, fill in your name and the name of your business. Please make sure that the business name matches the name of the company on the member application. Your event may not be approved if the business name submitted is significantly different from the membership application.

2. A valid contact email must be provided.

3. You can then choose to provide your own notes that will not be shown to the public (i.e. Reason for calendar post, non-profit nature (if not Chamber member), special listing criteria)

4. Enter your event name such as “Eunice Chamber’s Carnival Rides for the Elderly”

5. To tag your event, you will need to develop specific hashtags unique to your company and event such as #eunicechamber, #cajunmusic, #lsue, #eunicegovt, #etouffeecookoff, etc. Make a note of these hashtags as you will probably re-use them again and again. Add a comma after your hashtag to separate them. Below is a list of general hashtags that should be used for search purposes on the calendar.

6. Add your event image by clicking the “Add Event Image” button from the box. Images may be selected from a variety of sources and can include .jpg, .gif, .bmp and .png

7. What will be the date range and times for your event? Will it be an all day event or multiple days?

8. Add the Description of your event. The Description Editor allows you to build your description using headings (H1 or H2), font and paragraph styles and links. The better your description, the more interest you will generate. The Location Editor allows you to provide the address of your event and will map it for you. You can also add in directions to your event.

9. What is the Address of your event (not necessarily the address of your business)? Once the address is found, a Google map will appear to the right of the address.

10. Add a Room or Building if this applies.

11. Do you want to provide directions to your event? This is an optional feature.

12. Click the green “Next” button located at the top and bottom right corners of the page. This will take you to a page that allows you to review your event submission. If you need to edit the event, click the “Back to Editor” button. Otherwise, click the green “Submit Event” button to submit the event to an Administrator for approval. In approximately 1-2 business days, your event will either be posted or we will contact you with an explanation for the reasons we could not post your event.

13. Finally, a pop-up will appear with the button selections of “Submit a similar Event”, “Submit a new Event” or “Finished”. By clicking on the “Submit a similar Event”, your information from the previous event submission will appear for editing. By clicking on the “Submit a new Event”, only your contact information and private notes will appear and you may add in any other information. You will complete the submission by clicking “Finished”.

To make our calendar successful and the authority on events, please take the time to join other members in submitting your event. Because your events are such a valuable part of the community, we want to make sure that we're displaying them.

Click here to get started and submit your Event

Preferred Hashtags for use on Calendar: